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Bearpaw Technology and Care

Built to deliver quality and style, Bearpaw shoes focus on comfort and fit, using the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Pineapple icon.Pineapple icon.


These new vegan arrivals are crafted from Pinatex, a fiber derived from pineapple! ALL vegan styles are officially approved by PETA and The Vegan Society.

Learn more about Pinatex here.

Hibertech Technology logo.Hibertech Technology logo.


HiberTech styles are comprised of 200 gram foil back insulation, leaving your feet warm no matter what activities you have planned.

Neverwet Logo.Neverwet Logo.


Styles treated with NeverWet repel stains like salt water, mud, cola, red wine and more. Dirt and debris rinse away easily with water. Read more here.

Waterproof LogoWaterproof Logo


Waterproof styles are ready for an all day adventure no matter the weather.

Vegan heart and leaf icon.Vegan heart and leaf icon.

Vegan Collection

Your favorite BEARPAW styles - now VEGAN! The Elle Short, Elle Tall and Loki are now available in vegan microsuede options – composed solely of vegan materials from the microsuede down to the glue.

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Wide Widths

Select styles offered in a wide width - including a wide outsole, wide last and wide shaft.

Bearpaw Product Care

We recommend that all sheepskin and suede products be sprayed with a BEARPAW brand sheepskin stain and water repellent before being worn. This will prevent dirt and oil from soaking into the sheepskin or suede and will trap dirt on the surface, making the cleaning process easier. Stain and water repellent is very helpful and effective. The spray will put a protective sealer over the upper to keep the dirt and grease out. This should enhance the life of the shoe. Please insure that fit and style meet your satisfaction before applying these products as it will void the 90-day return/exchange policy.

How to Clean Suede Uppers

Dampen entire boot evenly to the seams. Clean the leather with a soft, damp cloth. Apply a minor amount of water and suede cleaner to the cloth. Then rub two pieces of the cloth against each other creating a lather. Do not pour shampoo directly onto your sheepskin items. Evenly and gently clean the surface with the cloth. Then thoroughly rinse the boot by using a wet, clean cloth. Allow drying naturally in a well-ventilated area. Avoid heat or direct sunlight. We do not recommend putting your sheepskin shoes in the washing machine. We recommend hand washing for best results. Stuff the boot with paper towels to help maintain its original shape while it dries. Once the boot dries, buff the leather lightly with a clean suede brush to restore the nap of the leather fibers. After cleaning, spray again with sheepskin stain and water repellent to help protect against any future damage or stains.

How to Clean Sheepskin Uppers

Hand wash only - do not machine wash. Dampen the entire boot evenly to the seams with cold water. Apply water and a small amount of sheepskin cleaner and conditioner to a clean, soft cloth or sponge. You can mix sheepskin shampoo with water to create a nice subtle cleaning solution. Do not pour shampoo directly onto your sheepskin items. Be sure to gently clean the entire boot evenly to prevent discoloration in the sheepskin. Rub gently on the sheepskin upper as some pieces tend to be delicate. Do not use a wire or coarse brush on sheepskin uppers because they can sometimes scar the sheepskin. Rinse using a clean, wet cloth. Be sure to remove the cleaner. You can maintain the shape of your boots by stuffing them with paper towels. Allow your boots to dry naturally and slowly avoiding any direct sunlight or heat at all times. After cleaning, spray with sheepskin stain and water repellent.

If you have additional questions or concerns in reference to product care, please email us at [email protected]