2019 Bearpaw Brand Influencers

A BEARPAW Brand Influencer embodies BEARPAW’s values, identity and promotes the BEARPAW lifestyle. The key elements of a BEARPAW brand ambassador lies in your ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen our brand relationship and influence a large audience to the BEARPAW brand.

We’re looking for up-and-coming fashion bloggers and highly engaged diverse social media gurus to help us get the word out about the BEARPRAW Brand. BEARPAW Brand Influencer promote #BEARPAWStyle and inspire others to live life comfortably.

Influencer 2019 - Abigail Brady
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Abigail Brady

Salt Lake City, UT.

About Me: I am a first time mom still trying to figure it all out. I enjoy spending time with my family and checking out the latest trends.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: By simplifying my life and focusing on the small happy moments.

Influencer 2019 - Alison Black
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Alison Black

Calgary, Alberta.

About Me: I'm Alison and I instagram over at @ourlifeandtimes where I share about my #yyc family, fashion, fitness and everything in between...I am a busy part time working mama at a private school for students on the autism spectrum and part time stay at home Mom to 5 year old Delainey & 3 year Ryder. I'm kind of obsessed with our dog Cruz, sloths, ice cream, red wine and have a pretty handsome yet nerdy husband. I love taking photos, being outside with my family and teaching SurfSet classes.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Getting outside and exploring! A hot coffee in the morning and a glass of red wine after the kids are in bed.

Influencer 2019 - Altagracia Barreras
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Altagracia Barreras

Massachusetts, CT.

About Me: Hi my name is Altagrcia Barreras, Latina fashion, lifestyle and mom blogger I have 3 littles ones currently reside in New England and I also do vlogs and lifestyle contentent on YouTube.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live by comfortably by catering my style to my everyday life, I am a mom of 3 littles yet I love to look stylish and put together.

Influencer 2019 - Amanda
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About Me: Wife to my amazing husband & mama to our two beautiful children.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I’m all about having a cute yet practical wardrobe & a coffee in my hand!

Influencer 2019 - Amira Omar
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Amira Omar

Orange County, California (Moving soon to TX)

About Me: Fashion, beauty and Motherhood blogger. Wife to an amazing husband and a mom to a beautiful little girl, Nadia! I love fashion and sharing new trends, styles, and steals!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: A fresh cup of coffee in the morning, working from home while spending time with my baby girl is what I call #livelifecomfortably. All while dressing comfortably. Before having a baby you would find me in heals all the time, now it's all about cute comfort and that means Bearpaw!! :)

Influencer 2019 - Amy Ortiz
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Amy Ortiz

Chicago, IL.

About Me: Wife, momma to 3, who loves sharing fashion on a budget, while encouraging and inspiring others along the way!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Being authentically me!

Influencer 2019 - Ana Watson
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Ana Watson

Dixon | Chicago

About Me: I’m happy, hippy mommy to a sassy red headed toddler. I own an independent boutique in the historic district of Dixon, Illinois. I also shoot photography in Chicago and am an avid yogi!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: With my active lifestyle I #livelifecomfortably by surrounding myself with little luxuries! And Bearpaw’s shoes are my favorite thing to indulge in!

Influencer 2019 - April Musser
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April Musser

State College

About Me: Hey Y'all! Im a small town girl, now living in a small town. Im a mom of 2 beautiful girls @organicallyadorable and we just moved from living in the big city in Florida to a small town in Pennsylvania. We love Bear Paw because we are always headed outside more and we love to live comfortably while doing it.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: With two girls under 5yrs old Living Life Comfortably is needed everywhere we go. I need to get ready quick and stay comfortable all day!

Influencer 2019 - Bianca Cloxton
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Bianca Cloxton

Charleston, WV.

About Me: Married Momma of 2, believer.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Wearing comfy clothing and relaxing when I can!! ♥

Influencer 2019 - Breanna Perkins-Weston
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Breanna Perkins-Weston

Toronto, Canada.

About Me: First time Mama living life in the big city! I love to unwind by cooking barefoot in the kitchen, spending time outside with my family or with a good book and great glass of wine. I work in the health and wellness industry and enjoy challenging myself with new workouts and recipes.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Spending time with my family!

Influencer 2019 - Candy Waltrip
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Candy Waltrip

Japan is my home country, but I currently live in Los Angeles.

About Me: I love traveling and have lived in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Norway. One thing I really enjoy observing, when living in different countries, are the different styles of fashion.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I have always been the woman that enjoys trying different styles, so my closet is always evolving. Right now, I'm all about #livelifecomfortably and athleisure styles are my go-to style for most of my days.

Influencer 2019 - Carissa Mitchell
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Carissa Mitchell


About Me: I’m a style loving #girlmom that is all about doing life passionately and comfortably with coffee in hand! My motto: never be afraid to stand out, be afraid to blend in!! What can I say I live life loud!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: In bearpaw, duh!! But also being dressed my best in clothes and shoes that make life easy. Life’s too short to be uncomfortable.

Influencer 2019 - Christina Lab
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Christina Lab

Columbus, OH.

About Me: Hi, friends! I'm a style and lifestyle blogger living in Ohio. I'm married to my best friend, Fred and I'm a cat mama to the sweetest boy in the world. I love blogging about personal style, wellness for spoonies and natural/organic beauty. I would describe myself as young at heart with an old soul. I have a huge sweet-tooth and I love cozy cafes, flowers, vintage finds and soft colors.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live life comfortably by working to feel beautiful and confident in my own skin and journey. I feel the most comfortable when I'm surrounded by my loved ones, pursuing the things that I'm passionate about! I hope to encourage my blog readers to embrace their own personal style, practice wellness, and to make a difference in their corner of the world.

Influencer 2019 - Cristiane Ross
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Cristiane Ross

Dallas, TX.

About Me: Author of Cris In The Big D, a travel and life & style blog.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Doing what you love, in my case road trips, while looking comfy and stylish.

Influencer 2019 - Ebony
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Chicago, IL.

About Me: I am a beauty, lifestyle and and Fashion content creator based out of Chicago. I love to encourage women to define their own standard of beauty by uniquely being themselves.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: But being true to myself and accepting and embracing my own uniqueness.

Influencer 2019 - Lyndsay Beal / Elle
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Winnipeg, Manitoba

About Me: Who am I? Well, besides being passionate about social media, tattoos, poutine, and photography, I’m a modern mom with a sharp eye for modern, innovative branding and style, with a love for all things delicious, adorable, and, simply put: made right for baby. TLDR: I’m @discoverelle and you’re going to love my content

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Relaxation is my middle name! ;)

Influencer 2019 - Ellen Oganesyan
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Ellen Oganesyan

North Hollywood

About Me: I'm a first time mom trying to figure this gig out, one latte at time!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by embodying the idea comfort in everything I do.

Influencer 2019 - Emily M. Duncan
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Emily M. Duncan

Atlanta, GA.

About Me: Fashion and Lifestyle Infleuncer for young women and mothers! I have two sweet little angels that are my best friends ever! Love to travel, get outside, shop til I drop and dress my little ones like me! Love giving fashion + mama tips :)

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Living life comfortably means spending time with my angel babies being the best mama I can be in a comfy pair of BearPaw shoes and writing my blog to help women and mamas learn to feel beautiful by my style tips!

Influencer 2019 - Erika
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St. Paul, MN.

About Me: Wife and mother to three young kids and two old dogs currently living in Minnesota after spending time in Texas and Washington DC. Just here to share happy snaps from our busy life!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Trying to live the happiest life with my family as the center and always, always wearing our BEARPAWs

Influencer 2019 - Erin Rucker
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Erin Rucker

Tuscaloosa, AL

About Me: Lifestyle blogger who loves to share travel, style, deal finds and general life happenings.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Be true to myself and smart with my choices including what shoes I am wearing.

Influencer 2019 - Evgeniia Zlobina
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Evgeniia Zlobina


About Me: Lifestyle

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Do whatever I like, wear whatever I love

Influencer 2019 - Gaonou Lo
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Gaonou Lo

Wausau, WI.

About Me: My name is Gaonou and I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger! I am a lover of all things vintage, glam, and pink! You can find me perusing through luxury handbags as well as affordable clothing finds. I love mixing luxury with affordability because that to me is the best of both worlds 💋 I'm a wanderer where I can never stay in one place for too long. I love to travel to old and new places to create long-lasting memories. I’m currently pursuing my masters degree in strategic marketing and I hope one day to turn my hobby into a life long career.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #LiveLifeComfortably by taking care of myself first. I'm a huge advocate for self-care and I do so by doing what I love, which is creating fashion looks, eating delicious food, spending time with the people I love, and traveling the world.

Influencer 2019 - Glenny Decasa
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Glenny Decasa

Edmonton, Alberta

About Me: I'm a food lover, video game addict and obsessed with anything cute. When I'm not blogging or doing 1:1 coaching sessions, I'm usually wrapped up as a burrito binge watching the latest netflix series or anime.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: When I'm not comfortable in a onesie or wrapped up in a burrito, I'm living life by creating adventures with my favorite people paired up with my favorite bearpaw shoes!

Influencer 2019 - Hayley Henderson
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Hayley Henderson

Salt Lake City, UT.

About Me: I am 27 years old, married, have one toddler boy with another boy coming in May! I was born and raised in Southern California and loved every minute in the warm weather. I went to school at University of Utah where I graduated with my nursing degree and currently working as a nurse in the ER a couple times a month. I met my husband here in Utah 7 years ago and have lived here ever since!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live life comfortably by getting outdoors as often as I can and always making sure to take my Bearpaws every where I go!

Influencer 2019 - Heather
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About Me: I’m a wife and stay at home mom to two young children, always trying to find balance and doing the best that I can.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: As a mom, I’m always on the go. School drop off, pick up, errands, groceries.. Living life comfortably is essential. Functional and cozy is key!

Influencer 2019 - Hilary T | Mama Gets Dressed
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Hilary T | Mama Gets Dressed

South Hampton, NH.

About Me: I am a single mama of a 3-year-old boy and a Great Dane named Fred. I work full-time from home as a marketer and then play on Instagram in my free time. Although the 'typical' family lifestyle did not pan out for me, I work to curate a loving, family environment for me, my little one, and our Fred.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #LiveLifeComfortably with love.

Influencer 2019 - Jamie
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Shenandoah Valley, VA.

About Me: I am a busy mama to four. We homeschool, we laugh a lot, and we love to explore. In my free time (haha) I enjoy reading and looking for new places to visit near home.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I embrace the comfy life as a stay at home mom by never wearing anything that doesn’t fit. I feel like experiences and life should stretch your comfort level but never your shoes!

Influencer 2019 - Jennifer Gilmore
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Jennifer Gilmore

Fort Worth, TX

About Me: I'm a mow, wife, and teacher who enjoys sharing classic style, everyday life, and family travels.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Classic and chic.

Influencer 2019 - Joeanne Keavy
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About Me: My name is Joeanne! I’m a wife, and mama to two perfect little girls. We are from California. I'm a stay at home mama that enjoys blogging and sharing my journey through motherhood.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Hanging out with my family and taking mini vacations as often as possible!

Influencer 2019 - Julia Cruzan
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Julia Cruzan

Savannah, GA.

About Me: I am a life and style blogger and mom of four sharing style inspiration for the every day gal and all things mom life.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I describe my every day style as casual and comfortable. It's the only way to live :)

Influencer 2019 - Katrina Rose
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Katrina Rose

Halifax, Nova Scotia

About Me: I am a 30 something mom who loves finding affordable fashion!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by taking time for myself, wearing clothes and accessories that make me feel great and that will accommodate my daily lifestyle!

Influencer 2019 - Kayla Rose
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Kayla Rose

Southern California

About Me: Sister, painter, daughter & bestfriend

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: With the love I get from people around me, the adventures i take with family and my fashion family that keep me motivated!

Influencer 2019 - Kendall Samuelson
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Kendall Samuelson

Sacramento, CA.

About Me: I am 7 years old, I love to read, play with friends, play games with my family, ride my bike, jump rope, and hula hoop. I have been modeling for 4 years and have so much fun, and love all the friends I have made along the way. I love going to school and my gymnastics or dance class. I love dogs, and horses, and love horseback riding!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live life comfortably by spending time having fun with family and friends, exploring new things and being carefree.

Influencer 2019 - Kherrington
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About Me: I'm an actor, a model and a girl scout who loves Brazilian jiujitsu, tennis, anime and drawing

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Helping in my community with my girl scouts sisters, being kind to others and hanging out with my friends.

Influencer 2019 - Kristina Chaka
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Kristina Chaka

Dallas, TX.

About Me: I love my little family more than anything else! I also love to read, cook super healthy but tasty meals and spend as much time in the sun as possible.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I love enjoying the simple things in life-- family, friends, and food all while wearing comfortable shoes! Especially now after becoming a mom, living life comfortably is essential to my happiness.

Influencer 2019 - Lauren Toews
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Lauren Toews

Nashville, TN.

About Me: I'm a wife, dog-mom, blogger, & Christ follower. I own a social media marketing agency and am huge believe in entrepreneurship and want to start as many businesses as I can!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by working from home (wearing my Bearpaw slippers obviously), snuggling my dog Snickerdoodle, spending quality time with the ones I love, and traveling as much as possible!

Influencer 2019 - Lindsay Hart
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Lindsay Hart

Ontario, Canada

About Me: Hi! I'm Lindsay :) I live in Ontario, Canada my wonderful husband Darren and my 2 sweet boys Grayson (2.5) and Gabriel (8 months). I am a former police officer turned stay at home mom! I love spending time with my family and wouldn't trade this 'job' for the anything :)

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: My idea of living life comfortably is kicking back and hanging out with my family. Whether we are out going exploring, or curled up on the couch. Living comfortably is all about doing those things that you enjoy most in life, with those you life.

Influencer 2019 - Lisa Fergus
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Lisa Fergus

Chicago Suburbs

About Me: Blogger by day, super mom & wife by night! Obsessed with flowers & succulents, coffee shops & antiquing, jewelry & shoes. Travel fuels my soul!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live life comfortably by being present in as many moments as I can be! I meditate daily & make time for myself. Life is short, so I try to surround myself with positive people & things I love.

Influencer 2019 - Lynee Narlock
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Lynee Narlock

Grand Rapids MI.

About Me: I'm a bubbly blonde from Grand Rapids Michigan. I love sharing about my travels and fashion!!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Doing what I love and what makes me happy!

Influencer 2019 - Mary Salon
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Mary White-Salon

Los Angeles CA.

About Me: Mom of three(almost four) currently living the fabulous SoCal life! We are a military family so we get to experience many places. I love sharing REAL life, with fashion tips, mom hacks, and all the craziness that comes with family life. Whatever you are going through, good or bad, you are not alone! My motto is “Community Over Competition.” Together we can do this!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: For me, comfortable is being okay with who you are. Sometimes that’s dressing up and wearing heels, other times it’s throwing on leggings and slippers. Whatever I’m doing, whatever I’m wearing, I rock that style and embrace that it’s real and it’s ME!

Influencer 2019 - Maiden Kindly
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Maiden Kindly


About Me: I am a tween blogger who adores fashion! I love to dress up and play make believe on stage and I am especially passionate about musicals. During my downtime I enjoy crafting and sewing and creating! My hope is to someday become a fashion designer.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #LiveLifeComfortably by being kind to myself and to those around me. The more comfortable I am on the inside, the more comfortable I feel as a whole. Just like how my feet feel cozy when I wear comfy boots, my heart feels warm and happy when I am kind.

Influencer 2019 - Misty Cartmill
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Misty Cartmill


About Me: Mommy to 1 + Twins & Female Empowerment

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Soft, comfortable clothes and brands with my favourite 3 kiddos.

Influencer 2019 - Monica Ketchum
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Monica Ketchum

Big Rapids, MI.

About Me: I’m Monica, a wife and full time mom, blogger and photographer. I blog about keeping Christ at the center of motherhood and encouragement with a splash of fashion and home decor. I’m obsessed with paddleboarding and adventures, and I have a passion for making kombucha!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #LiveLifeComfortably in Bearpaw of course! My little family loves going on walks and hikes and visiting cities around Michigan, and we wouldn’t do it in anything but Bearpaw! Comfort, warmth and exceptional quality.

Influencer 2019 - Monica Ortega
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Monica Ortega

Holt, MI.

About Me: Monica Ortega is the creator and host of the adventure travel show Monica Goes. Originally from Holt Michigan, she is a host, actress, singer, and line dance instructor. She started her series four years ago to show people that if she could face her fears and go on adventures, anyone can!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live life comfortably by showing others that everyBODY can be an adventure body! I'm all about pushing out of your own comfort zone while staying comfortable in your own skin.

Influencer 2019 - Morgen
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Sacramento, CA.

About Me: Mom of 2 (and #3 on the way!) living in a small town in Northern CA. I’m a lifestyle influencer with a love for all things fashion.

Influencer 2019 - Nikol Fisher
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Nikol Fisher

Manhattan Beach, CA.

About Me: I am a mom of two beautiful little girls - ages 5 and 7. Our family loves to travel the world!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: We are always exploring new and exciting places and we are an active family. Mostly we have fun as long as we are together.

Influencer 2019 - Oxana
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About Me: Hi! My name is Oxana. I'm from Moscow (Russia). I like to travel, I have been in 50 countries and now I live in the USA for 3 years! :) I have husband and daughter, in IG I share my days and recommendations!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: For me, comfort has start with cozy cloth and shoes, yummy and healthy food, and talk with smart and positive people!

Influencer 2019 - Patricia Pastor
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Patricia Pastor

Getxo, Spain

About Me: Fashion lover providing daily fashion and style ideas for women.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Spending time with my family.

Influencer 2019 - Phoenix Stafford
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Phoenix Stafford

Winnipeg, MB.

About Me: Hey I'm Phoenix! I am a young mama to two littles, Fisher and Acre. We live in Winnipeg, MB.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I #LiveLifeComfortably by spending time with my family + friends. I love spending time at home with my little family and going on little adventures with them.

Influencer 2019 - Rachel Norstrom
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Rachel Norstrom

Watertown NY.

About Me: Hi there. I’m a NY based fashion and lifestyle blogger.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: As a mom it’s so important to combine fashion with comfort. I #livelifecomfortably by combining comfy footwear with great basics like skinny jeans, leggings, and cozy outerwear.

Influencer 2019 - Rebecca Dutkiewicz
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Rebecca Dutkiewicz

Saint Albans, VT.

About Me: I’m 23 years old. My husband and I have a 2 year old son, Calum and a baby girl due any day, Amelia. I am a stay at home mom with a huge passion for photography.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I love to livelifecomfortably by being outdoors with my family and exploring new places. Especially while wearing my bearpaw footwear!

Influencer 2019 - Romelia Ramos
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Romelia Ramos

Denver, CO.

About Me: I am a Denver based motherhood & lifestyle blogger married to my high school sweetheart. We have 4 kids of age 6 and under, two boys and two girls. I love sharing our parenting journey with others in hopes to inspire and build a community with others in similar positions as myself.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live life comfortably by taking it one day at a time. I absolutely love my bussy days but pausing for a moment and soaking up every second of my family’s life and special moments is so important. I like to show my personality by reflecting it around my sense of fashion.

Influencer 2019 - Shasha Mason
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Shasha Mason

Dallas, TX.

About Me: I’m a fun loving foodie, wanderluster, wife, and professional napper! I love sharing my adventures on my blog and encouraging others to get out and explore. I firmly believe that travel doesn’t always have be exotic or expensive to be enjoyable. There are so many great places that we can take advantage of in the U.S! When I’m not traveling, you can catch me dancing to my favorite Beyoncé’ songs or checking out a new restaurant in my town.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: I live comfortably by taking the time to enjoy the simple moments and going on local and far adventures in my Bearpaws!

Influencer 2019 - Taylor Thoits
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Taylor Thoits

Influencer 2019 - Terri Baumgardner
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Terri Baumgardner

Rockford, MI.

About Me: I am a wife and boy mom. This fall my husband and I will become empty nesters which just seems crazy! Family time is by far my greatest joy, but spending time with girlfriends comes in at a close second. One of my goals for this year is to try something new, to challenge myself... yoga it is!

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Being active outside in the summer and winter or curling up inside with a good book, BearPaw has me covered.

Influencer 2019 - Tif Fannin
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Tif Fannin

Lexington, KY.

About Me: (Why are about me sections always so awkward???) My name’s Tif Fannin, and I blog about affordable fashion and lifestyle at Bright on a Budget. My style is classic with a trendy twist, and I love bright pops of color. In addition to blogging, I’m also an attorney and mom of two littles. When I’m not driving the hot mess express, you can find me relaxing with a good book and a bubble bath.

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Fashion should be fun yet comfortable! I go for looks that don’t slow me down when I’m running around last-minute trying to get everything done.

Influencer 2019 - Vanessa Scott
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Vanessa Scott


About Me: Lifestyle + Motherhood Blogger

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Styling in comfort is key and so important as a mom on the go.

Influencer 2019 - Yuki Uehara
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Yuki Uehara


About Me: Lifestyle Blogger

How Do You Live Life Comfortably: Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes while living my life.