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Our Ambassadors represent Bearpaw not only through wearing and sharing our products, but by living a lifestyle full of passion for family, friends, community and environment.

The 2018 Bearpaw Ambassador application is now closed. Thank you to all that applied!
Ambassador 2018 - Alex Leddin

Alex Leddin

Hometown:Nashville, TN.

About me: I am a Nashville based fashion and lifestyle blogger by night and a consultant by day. I love exploring Nashville and spending time with my sweet pup, Oliver.

How do you live life comfortably:I live comfortably by always seeking balance in my life. There's nothing more rewarding than spending a full day with family and friends! As a natural introvert, I also enjoy a night alone with a good book and a bubble bath!

Ambassador 2018 - Alison Black

Alison Black

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

About me: I am a family girl (a wife and mom to 2 of the coolest kids and the most patient yellow lab). I love fashion, putting outfits together and fitness is a huge part of my life. I teach SurfSet classes, work part time for a private school for students with autism spectrum disorder and Taylor Swift blasting in the truck & sloths make me happy. Being a Mom was my biggest dream and my is greatest accomplishment.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by appreciating all the small moments in life and enjoying the beautiful country we live in with my little family. Getting outside, getting messy in nature and exploring is our favorite thing to do. Give me a sunny day at the lake or in the mountains with my family and I am one happy gal.

Ambassador 2018 - Amy Ortiz

Amy Ortiz

Hometown: Chicago, IL.

About me: Girly girl who loves dressing up and wearing anything with color or print. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and mother to 3 beautiful children. When I’m not blogging and sharing style tips I’m working with people in the dental world. Helping make smiles brighter a day at a time.

How do you live life comfortably: I love dressing up but on most days you can find me wearing jeans and a basic white tee with my fave BEARPAW shoes.

Ambassador 2018 - Breanna Perkins-Weston

Breanna Perkins-Weston

Hometown: Toronto

About me: I’m a Canadian based motherhood and lifestyle blogger. I am a first time Mum and focus on living a healthy lifestyle and clean living. I love to travel, shop for home decor, a good book and glass of wine. I love spending time outdoors with my family and friends

How do you live life comfortably: By spending quality time with my family - whether it’s cooking dinner, going on long walks or exploring a new place!

Ambassador 2018 - Breeona Cox

Breeona Cox

Hometown: Sacramento, CA.

About me: Professional model, actress, dog mom!

How do you live life comfortably: Having the confidence to live out my dreams and chasing them one day at a time!

Ambassador 2018 - Candy Waltrip

Candy Waltrip

Hometown: Japan is my home country, but I currently live in San Diego, California.

About me: I love traveling and have lived in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Norway. One thing I really enjoy observing, when living in different countries, are the different styles of fashion.

How do you live life comfortably: I have always been the woman that enjoys trying different styles, so my closet is always evolving. Right now, I'm all about #livelifecomfortably and athleisure styles are my go-to style for most of my days.

Ambassador 2018 - Christina Lab

Christina Lab

Hometown: Chillicothe, OH.

About me: I'm a Midwest based style and lifestyle blogger. I love flowy dresses, pretty flowers, and my husband Fred. Iced coffee and bubble baths are my work week fuel!

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by creating a personal style and lifestyle that I'm confident in and passionate about and I like to encourage my blog readers to do the same! I appreciate responsible fashion, organic beauty, and opportunities to pay it forward!

Ambassador 2018 - Danielle Horlen

Danielle Horlen

Hometown: Chattaroy, WA.

About me: I'm a wife to a wonderful hubby and a mama to the most amazing little monster. I am a pediatric COTA (certified occupational therapy assistant) and am lucky enough to spend my working days helping children. I live in a small town and enjoy being outside; hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, playing and watching sports and doing all of this with my family! I have a passion for photography and am having so much fun playing around with that!

How do you live life comfortably: By surrounding myself with my family and friends. Cozying up on the couch to watch and movie, or retreating into a fort to read books with my son. By getting outside; exploring and teaching my boy all I can about the outdoors, and by filling each and every day I can with the ones I love!

Ambassador 2018 - Elle


Hometown: Grand Forks, ND.

About me: Besides being passionate about social media, tattoos, poutine, and photography, I’m a modern mom with a sharp eye for modern, innovative branding and style, with a love for all things delicious, adorable, and, simply put: made right for baby. TLDR: I’m @discoverelle and you’re going to love my content.

How do you live life comfortably: I'm a homebody so by enjoying quite nights in with the family or checking out a local restaurants helps us live comfortably and happy.

Ambassador 2018 - Erika


Hometown: Born and raised in Minnesota. Graduated college and spent the following 12 years between Houston, TX and Washington D.C.. One marriage, two dogs and three kids later and we are back and settled in Minnesota.

About me: Wife, mother, newborn photographer! I'm a total homebody but love to travel! I cook dinner at least 6 days a week, and we eat as a family every night. I love being outdoors--- swimming, fishing, sledding, ice skating, you name it! While I am fairly active online, I have never sent a text and don't own a smartphone. Crazy, right?!

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by leading a simple, happy life! We do everything as a family, and chances are at least one of us will be rocking Bearpaws at any given moment! :-)

Ambassador 2018 - Glenda Decasa

Glenda Decasa

Hometown: Edmonton, AB.

About me: When I'm not behind a computer screen, I'm usually behind my video game consoles or binge-watching anime and Netflix. I love food just as much as I love being in a onesie.

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by staying cozy in my Bearpaw shoes while indulging in what makes me happy. I can venture out into the woods to take a hike, enjoy my time with loved ones or be goofy at a comic convention with friends in my favorite Bearpaw shoes!

Ambassador 2018 - Hayley Henderson

Hayley Henderson

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT.

About me: I’m a busy mom of the sweetest little toddler boy, emergency nurse part time, and into all things fashion, fun, and athletic when I’m not in my scrubs!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by waking up early each day to get my workouts in, playing with my son throughout the day and exploring the beautiful outdoors that Utah has to offer!

Ambassador 2018 - Jamie Fuller

Jamie Fuller

Hometown: Shenandoah Valley, VA.

About me: I'm a busy homeschooling mom to four. When I'm not working on teaching at home, you can find me reading or trying to clean spit up stains out of my favorite shirt. I dabble in trying to live the fashion life while running after four busy children in the middle of the valley.

How do you live life comfortably: My mantra is comfort over fashion but I find it best when the two coincide like in Bearpaw. I love to cozy up in my favorite cardigan and a comfortable pair of shoes and go exploring with my family.

Ambassador 2018 - Jennifer G

Jennifer G.

Hometown: Fort Worth.

How do you live life comfortably: teaching 2nd grade, spending time with family, blogging, attending concerts, gardening, hiking & travel

Ambassador 2018 - Jenniffer Shaffer

Jenniffer Shaffer

Hometown: Sarasota, FL.

About me: I’m a stay at home mom to two wonderful kiddos. I love clothes, accessories, makeup, and over all shoes! If I go to a store I will leave with a million pair of shoes before buying anything else. Shopping has become even more fun now that I have a little girl!

How do you live life comfortably: I love to go on adventures with my family. We love to explorer nature and the beach!

Ambassador 2018 - Kayla Dorazio

Kayla Dorazio

Hometown: Azusa, CA.

About me: I am a classy tomboy. I love to paint and wear pretty things, but I also love to play in the mud and skateboard. I love school and I have lots of friends. I’m a little bossy but take directions very well (my mama calls it being driven!).

How do you live life comfortably: I’m easy going and loves everyone equally.

Ambassador 2018 - Kendall Samuelson

Kendall Samuelson

Hometown: Northern California (Sacramento)

About me: I am 6 years old, I love to read, play with friends, play games with my family, ride my bike, jump rope, and hula hoop. I have been modeling for 3 years and have so much fun, and love all the friends I have made along the way. I love going to school and my gymnastics class. I love dogs, and horses, and love horseback riding!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by spending time having fun with family and friends, exploring new things and being carefree.

Ambassador 2018 - Lauren Toews

Lauren Toews

Hometown: Nashville, TN.

About me: I'm a wife, dog-mom, blogger, & Christ follower. I run my own social media marketing agency, looooove taking photos, and traveling whenever and wherever I can!

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by working from home (wearing my Bearpaw slippers obviously), snuggling my dog Snickerdoodle, and spending quality time with the ones I love!

Ambassador 2018 - Leah McNally

Leah McNally

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL. but living in New Jersey!

About me: I’m engaged to my love Ryan, and stay at home mom to my daughter, Sterling! She’s one and being a mom is my jam! I love Stevie Nicks, Sunflowers, and taking pictures of my daughter :) I’m a former nanny turned motherhood blogger!

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by being true to me! I’m a busy mom who likes to be comfortable AND cute! Bearpaw is the perfect mix of the two!

Ambassador 2018 - Lindsay Hart

Lindsay Hart

Hometown: Chatham, Ontario (Canada).

About me: I am a former Police Officer turned stay at home mom. I am mama to my beautiful 21 month old son, Grayson, and am also currently 21 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (due May 30, 2018)! I have been married to the love of my life, Darren, for 2.5 years.
I love spending my time with my family as much as I can. Life can certainly get hectic with a toddler running around so when I get the chance I love to unwind and enjoy some 'me' time when I have the chance.

How do you live life comfortably: Whether it be playing soccer, or enjoying a good show on the T.V. (the bachelor ;)) curled up on the couch in my comfy clothes, wrapped under a blanket by the fire!

Ambassador 2018 - Mary


Hometown: Ventura CA.

About me: I am a country girl at heart, but I love to dress up and play around with fashion. I’m mommy to Billy, Teddy and Arowyn, and they make every day the happiest day!

How do you live life comfortably: I love heels and dresses, but I like to look good on my lower key days as well. I throw on my Bearpaws and live in comfort and style!

Ambassador 2018 - Megaly Tompkins

Megaly Elizabeth Tompkins

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.

About me: I’m mom to two little girls, married to my high school sweetheart and a flight attendant. I love anything pink and anything spicy!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by enjoying every minute I can with my little family and flying around the world. Also making people smile is my goal in life and I think I’m pretty good at it.

Ambassador 2018 - Monica Ketchum

Monica Ketchum

Hometown: Big Rapids, Michigan.

About me: I'm a wife and full time mom, adventure addict, photographer, Netflix binge watcher and lover of this blessed life God has given me.

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by being outside, being active, paddle boarding, chasing around the kids, and fishing, all in the comfort of my BEARPAW shoes!

Ambassador 2018 - Nicole Floss

Nicole Floss

Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA.

About me: I'm a wife, dog-mom, blogger, & Business Owner. I love empowering women from all walks of life to create a life they are proud of and inspiring them to cherish the little things.

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by working from home (wearing my Bearpaw slippers obviously), snuggling my pups (Bogey & Maverick), and spending quality time with the ones I love!

Ambassador 2018 - Nicole Green

Nicole Green

Hometown: Louisville, KY.

About me: Nicole blogs at What Nicole Wore, a color loving community for women focused on being inclusive and being candid about real life for young women. In her spare time she enjoys photography, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

How do you live life comfortably: I feel most comfortable when I feel confident in my own skin. I make every effort to embrace the things that make me feel good about myself from my clothes to the people in my life.

Ambassador 2018 - Oxana Kurashenko

Oxana Kurashenko

Hometown: Moscow, Russia.

About me: I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. 5 years I lived in travel! I was in 50 countries, and now I live in California for 2.5 years! I love sport, healthy food, travel!

How do you live life comfortably: I choose comfortable shoes and clothes! I do everything in time. I try to live consciously

Ambassador 2018 - Paola Toledo

Paola Toledo

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.

About me: I'm a creative and wanderer. I'm a fashion photographer and videographer and I work full time as a Marketing Coordinator at a concert company in Los Angeles. I'm obsessed with cacti, palm trees, sunlight and music. I like to spend my time exploring the city and filming vlogs about my adventures and with my boyfriend.

How do you live life comfortably: I love to live in peace. Although I am very busy I don't like to feel rushed so I adore getting sleep, having breakfast in bed and spending my day being productive.

Ambassador 2018 - Phoenix Stafford

Phoenix Stafford

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB.

About me: I am a fiance + mama. My days are filled enjoying life with my 2-year-old daughter as I am a stay at home mama. I am currently pregnant and we will have a little one joining our family in early February.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by spending time with my family and friends. Enjoying cozy nights in with my little family to our adventures outdoors! With busy days the perfect pair of shoes makes all the difference which is why we love our Bearpaw shoes!

Ambassador 2018 - Rebecca Dutkiewicz

Rebecca Dutkiewicz

Hometown: Saint Albans, Vermont.

About me: I am a wife and mother to a 1 year old boy. I love photography.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by enjoying life with my little family, exploring the outdoors with my little one..all while wearing my awesome BEARPAW boots!

Ambassador 2018 - Sabrina Jäger

Sabrina Jäger

Hometown: Wiener Neustadt in lovely Austria, Central Europe.

About me: I'm a mom of two boys, wife and blogger. I love cooking, baking, diy and craft projects and spending time with my little family. On my blog starlightsinthekitchen.com I blog about family & lifestyle, food and inspiration. I'm also a big fan of movies and have a faible for tv-series.

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by always thinking positive, being creative and enjoing my life as a mom. I enjoy good food, laughing with my kids and my husband and staying open minded every day.

Ambassador 2018 - Selmira Beckstrom

Selmira Beckstrom

Hometown: Dunstable, MA.

About me: I'm a lover of books, coffee, and photography! I'm a full time career woman by day, working in Cambridge and a homebody by night, secluding to my rural home outside of the city. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors with my boys!

How do you live life comfortably: We absolutely love the outdoors and since having kids have been trying to spend as much time as possible exploring and embracing it. I am also quite the introvert and love snuggling up to a good book and roaring fire under a comfy blanket and escape the craziness of the city. Life is too short to not live life comfortably!

Ambassador 2018 - Shatia

Shatia “Shasha” Mason

Hometown: Dallas, TX.

About me: I’m a fun loving foodie, wanderluster, wife, and professional napper! I love sharing my adventures on my blog and encouraging others to get out and explore. I firmly believe that travel doesn’t always have be exotic or expensive to be enjoyable. There are so many great places that we can take advantage of in the U.S! When I’m not traveling, you can catch me dancing to my favorite Beyoncé’ songs or checking out a new restaurant in my town.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by taking the time to enjoy the simple moments and going on local and far adventures in my Bearpaws!

Ambassador 2018 - Terri Baumgardner

Terri Baumgardner

Hometown: Rockford, MI.

About me: I am a wife and mom to two boys...they are my heart! I love all things pretty; cute clothes, fun shoes/boots and great jewelry! I love spending time with my girlfriends, laughing and enjoying life! And finally, I'm passionate about helping all women feel great about themselves and finding their personal style.

How do you live life comfortably: Even though I love all things pretty, I still want and need comfort! I #livelifecomfortably in my BEARPAW shoes/boots whether I'm out with girlfriends, or watching my son play hockey, or hiking with my husband!

Ambassador 2018 - Tiff Fannin

Tiff Fannin

Hometown: Lexington, KY.

About me: I'm an affordable fashion and beauty blogger focusing on style for the everyday woman. Full-time, though, I work as an attorney. I love a good trashy romance novel, am somewhat of a french fry aficionado, and definitely qualify as a crazy cat lady.

How do you live life comfortably: Since I'm always on the go, my outfits (and especially my shoes!) have to be wearable. I know that even when it comes to heels, Bearpaw shoes allow me to go about my busy days while still be comfortable!

Ambassador 2018 - Tiffany Sinclair

Tiffany Sinclair

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN.

About me: I am a medical student and aspiring surgeon. My family means the world to me and I’d never make it through my career without them. I also love watching sports, being active, going to the beach and anything Disney!

How do you live life comfortably: I wear scrubs ANY chance I can get in the hospital or clinic. Sometimes I have to dress up and wear business clothes, but if there’s ever a choice, scrubs it is! My wardrobe outside the medical field is athleisure heavy. I never want to do anything! Comfort is key for adventuring.

Ambassador 2018 - Thuy Tran

Thuy Tran

Hometown: Burlington, North Carolina.

About me: I'm a wellness enthusiast that loves exercising and being active in many forms! Oh and for sure a fashionista with a shopping addiction! I also enjoy reading, lately self-help and entrepreneur books to keep me inspired. I have two fur babies and I love good food!

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by staying active and always embracing the little things in life. Whether that be going on a shopping spree, spending time with family and loved ones or binge watching my favorite shows over and over on Netflix. Of course while wearing my Bearpaw shoes!

Ambassador 2018 - Toniya Farmer

Toniya Farmer

Hometown: The Twin Cities, MN.

About me: I am a five-year-old ball of energy who loves to eat shrimp and play with my cousins and friends. I love skiing, playing t-ball, gymnastics, skating, tumbling and swimming. I am interested in ballet and learning to play an instrument. I am currently learning to speak Chinese at my immersion school and spending time with my mommy is my favorite thing in the world.

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by being a kid and enjoying life in my BEARPAW boots :)

Ambassador 2018 - Vanessa Moore

Venessa Moore

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio.

About me: I'm a full-time User Experience specialist and part-time blogger. I love style and getting inspiration from others personal style. I love cooking good meals at home, working out with yoga, lifting, Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu. I follow the beat of my own drum and go with whatever flow life throws at me!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by expressing my personal style with clothing and shoes that are fashionable and practical for my lifestyle. Carving out "me time" in my sometimes busy schedule also helps keep my grounded.