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Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors represent Bearpaw not only through wearing and sharing our products, but by living a lifestyle full of passion for family, friends, community and environment.

Now accepting applications!

Ambassador 2017 - Alisha (Leasha) Duncan

Alisha (Leasha) Duncan

Hometown: From Pentiction BC, but am now living in Vancouver BC

About me: I am a wife, & mother. A creator, a photographer, food lover, page turner, daydreamer and a writer. You could say I have my hands in many cookie jars

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by doing the things I love most; Spending time with my family, cooking, creating, writing, all while photographing my way through this crazy life.

Ambassador 2017 - Amber Winans

Amber Winans

Hometown: Born and raised in Marysville, CA, a small town just north of Sacramento in the beautiful Northern California

About me: I'm a California girl with a heart to see the world! I'm passionate about photography and getting lost in a good book while curled up in my home or outside in the sunshine. I also have the privilege to be an ambassador for Bearpaw.

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by taking each moment as it comes, by exploring and creating and loving as much as I can! Every day is a new adventure, and I hope to live it as such!

Ambassador 2017 - Breeonna Cox

Breeona Cox

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

About me: I love taking my pups on hiking adventures and creating DIY projects!

How do you live life comfortably: Being myself and having confidence in everything I do.

Ambassador 2017 - Brittney Cho

Brittney Cho

Hometown: Orange County, CA

About me: I'm a college student who loves all things fashion, food, and adventure! Catch me out at the mall shopping or having an LA day with my friends and family anytime!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by living everyday to its fullest and appreciating the little things in life! I love fashion and photography so being able to experiment with different styles and going out exploring and taking pictures is something I enjoy doing in my free time. Last but not least, I can't leave out how I love being all comfy and cozy in my BEARPAW shoes while binge watching some Netflix!

Ambassador 2017 - Caitlin McCulloch

Caitlin McCulloch

Hometown: I grew up in the small Bay Area water town of Benicia, and I currently reside in Sacramento, CA.

About me: I'm an agency-signed model, stylist, freelance writer/editor, Niners/Giants/Warriors fan, and dog lover.

How do you live life comfortably: I have the travel bug, and I love cooking, working out/being active, and kicking back with a glass of wine. I don't have a set work schedule, so I'm always somewhere different every day. Bearpaw products help me do everything and get everywhere in style!

Ambassador 2017 - Candy Waltrip

Candy Waltrip

Hometown: San Diego, CA

About me: I grew up in Japan and have always loved traveling, fashion, and spending quality time with friends and family. I currently write a fashion and travel blog with my sister.

How do you live life comfortably: I love dressing up, but staying comfortable plays a huge part in my wardrobe selection. Just like everything else in life, I like to approach things with a mix of style & comfort.

Ambassador 2017 - Christina Lab

Christina Lab

Hometown: I'm from Chillicothe, Ohio and currently exploring Columbus, Ohio!

About me: I'm a style + lifestyle blogger of the blog, BG by Christina. I hope to encourage my readers to discover their personal style, pursue wellness, value their inner beauty and find joy even in the face of struggle. I'm a wife to my best friend Fred and we love to go on adventures and cozy up at home! My guilty pleasures are iced coffee, chocolate and bubble baths.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably when I feel the best about myself. I love both spending time in nature and exploring city life. Embracing all aspects to my personality has created my most authentic self. Self- confidence, contentment and sharing what I believe in allow me to live comfortably each and every day.

Ambassador 2017 - Elizabeth Cannon

Elizabeth Cannon

Hometown: Corona, CA

About me: I’m an early childhood educator turned stay at home mama to a sassy toddler and a sweet baby boy, I’m also a family and lifestyle blogger and wife to a creative genius.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by always being on the hunt for our next great family adventure. Currently we’re focused on the adventure of raising two kiddos under the age of two.

Ambassador 2017 - Erica Terry

Erica Terry

Hometown: Detroit, MI

About me: I have an adventurous spirit and love exploring new cities, finding my own path in the woods and discovering new restaurants. My active lifestyle keeps everything balanced.

How do you live life comfortably: I live my life comfortably by being active, spending as much time outside as I can and enjoying the little moments in life.

Ambassador 2017 - Erika Frances

Erika Frances

Hometown: Born and raised in northern Minnesota. With moves to Houston and Washington D.C., we are now back and settling into the 'burbs of Minneapolis.

About me: Wife, stay-at-home mom to three busy kids (and two furry dogs), newborn + family photographer and blogger

How do you live life comfortably: Staying healthy, pursuing what I love and spending as much time with my family as possible.

Ambassador 2017 - Glenda Mah

Glenda Mah

Hometown: Originally from Vancouver, BC. but now I'm currently in Edmonton, AB.

About me: A blogger and an entrepreneur who enjoys watching anime, playing video games and going on food adventures during down time.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by enjoying the small things in life. My passion lies within the creativity realm so I enjoy expanding my mind whether it be through being a nerd behind the computer screen or booking my next flight. I often learn more about myself by taking the time to see the world. Learning different cultures and meeting new people.

Ambassador 2017 - Jessica Hall

Jessica hall

Hometown: A small town NE of Columbus, OH! I recently moved to Scottsdale, Az in October 2016!

About me: I am a style + life blogger, wardrobe stylist, dog momma and girlfriend. I have a strong passion for sharing my personal style and interests with others! I enjoy trying out new coffee shops, sipping red wine and taking pictures with my camera. I love to travel, as well as surround myself with inspiring people!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by staying true to myself and pursing my wildest dreams! I love to spend time with loved ones, live for the little things and do what ultimately makes me the happiest!

Ambassador 2017 - Jordan Weber

Jordan Weber

Hometown: Hartland, WI (Live in Minneapolis, MN currently)

About me: I am a sophomore in college at the University of Minnesota. I am studying Communications with an emphasis in social media.

How do you live life comfortably: I live comfortably by doing things that make me happy weather that be adventuring, achieving my goals, spending time with people I love, or staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Ambassador 2017 - Lauren Toews

Lauren Toews

Hometown: Nashville, TN (originally from Rougemont, NC)

About me: I am a wife, dog-mom, social media marketer & blogger!

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by working a laptop lifestyle, snuggling my dog constantly, watching The Bachelor with my favorite gal pals, drinking way too much coffee, and spending quality time with my husband.

Ambassador 2017 - Meghan Davis

Meghan Davis

Hometown: Scales Mound/Galena Illinois

About me: Musician, explorer, coffee enthusiast.

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by being myself, embracing my unique traits, and encouraging others to do the same! I stay comfy, keep it cool, and find the joy in each day! (Usually it’s found during coffee.)

Ambassador 2017 - Michelle Provencher

Michelle Provencher

Hometown: Agawam, Massachusetts

About me: I am a wife, mama, and owner of a handmade accessories line called The Love Mich Collection.

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by living the creative entrepreneur life! I quit my day job in 2016 to run my business full time and one of the best parts is working in my BEARPAW slippers in my studio! I also enjoy way too much coffee, playing with my mini-me, and spending time with my high-school sweetheart turned husband!

Ambassador 2017 - Punam Patel

Punam Patel

Hometown: Newark, Delaware

About me: I'm a beauty and fashion fanatic, french-fries enthusiast, 3rd year pharmacy student! I currently live in the City of Brotherly Love -- Philadelphia, PA and love to meet people from all walks of life!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by staying true to myself, spending time with my loved-ones, and challenging myself to create a better version of me that I can be proud of!

Ambassador 2017 - Sabrina Jäger

Sabrina Jäger

Hometown: Wiener Neustadt in lovely Austria, Central Europe

About me: I'm a mom of two boys, wife and blogger. I love cooking, baking, diy and craft projects and spending time with my little family. On my blog starlightsinthekitchen.com I blog about family & lifestyle, food and inspiration. I'm also a big fan of movies and have a faible for tv-series.

How do you live life comfortably: I #livelifecomfortably by always thinking positive, being creative and enjoing my life as a mom. I enjoy good food, laughing with my kids and my husband and staying open-minded every day

Ambassador 2017 - Tachou Brown

Tachou Brown

About me: I am a woman, passionate dreamer, goal achiever, wife, happy lifer and mother!

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by working out, staying grounded, being kind and always aiming for happiness!

Ambassador 2017 - Terri Baumgardner

Terri Baumgardner

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

About me: I'm a mom to two teenaged boys, wife and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.

How do you live life comfortably: I live life comfortably by enjoying every moment with family and friends, watching my boys play hockey, by being authentic about my passions and helping others find their passion.

Ambassador 2017 - Valerie Proano

Valerie Proano

Hometown: Queens,NY

About me: I am a 23 year old beauty junkie and chronic illness advocate.

How do you live life comfortably: In leggings and comfy boots!



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